UX/UI Challenge - Time: 3 days


elvah is now part of the E.ON group and as part of this acquisition new challenges have arisen including improving the usability of the platform.

About the product

elvah is an European e-mobility app with top-tier B2B2C SaaS solutions. With the unique “elvah Score”, elvah transparently assesses the quality of the European charging network in 40+ countries in real time, directing EV drivers to the most reliable charging points.


  • Accessibility
  • Speed up discoverability
  • Flexibility


improve the discoverability and usability of the app and generate ideas to increase customer participation in a short and long term.

Understanding the product and the users

To engage in the elvah experience, I decided to do a little research; online and off-site: download the app, read customer reviews in the app store, and then I went out and explored the stations near my house.
These activities helped me to understand the place in the user's context or personal environment.

Our Persona

Antonio – 45 years old
Full time work

Antonio works full time and every day must commute between Leipzig and Halle. For working, his electric car is the most important thing. He is tech savy but sometimes struggle, specially when is driving and needs to find a charging station asap, parkin fees, ans so on…


Discoverability & Usability

Opportunity for improvement: Centralize the search experience in the CTA option and scan and monitoring functionality in the Laden option.

General Overview of the location Südplatz when a user search a place.

Opportunity for improvement: Filtering the search. Adding a filter to offer more flexibility to users in the search criteria.

Opportunity for improvement: Empfehlung. Allow the user to save a frequently visited location for the future.

Opportunity for improvement: Allow viewing based on search criteria. For example, the preview criteria was to show results where there were no extra fees for parking (Keine Blockiergebühren).

Small detail: adding arrows to indicate to the user that they can view more images.

New functionality: voice search option.
Reducing friction when the user can not interact with the keyboard.

Opportunity: By touching the microphone icon the user would have the flexibility to use voice search when driving or walking.

After scanning, the user will be able to monitor the charging status, stop or search for help.


Ideas for increase customer participation, short and long term

elvah Score – Clarity in the percentage of user opinions: allowing users to see the number of people who have rated the experience could positively increase the user’s repeat experience and awareness of the positive and negative parts of each location. Likewise, add a comment if there is anything else to add about the place.

Gamification: Laden und Sparen
As part of the long term strategy to engage the users with the app. Users can collect points for each recharge.

Nutzungschäufigkeit: Offer the possibility of seeing the availability of locations at different times of the day so that the user can better decide what is best time to go.

Profile customization: flexibility to users to customize the profile picture.